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Highlights From the Current Issue – Audiovisual Summary

      Karl A. Nath, MBChB, Editor-in-Chief of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, discusses the Editor’s Choice and Highlights articles appearing in the December 2020 issue.
      These include:
      “Best Practices in Managing Cardiac Arrest in The Emergency Department During the COVID-19 Pandemic,”
      by Dr Heather A. Heaton and colleagues;
      “Substance Use Disorders and Telehealth in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era: A New Outlook,”
      by Dr Tyler S. Oesterle and colleagues;
      “Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation in Patients With COVID-19,”
      by Dr Claudia C. Dobler and colleagues;
      “Temporal Trends in the Resource Utilization, Cost, and Outcomes of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in the United States,”
      by Dr Akram Kawsara and colleagues; and
      “Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Versus Surgical Replacement in Patients With Pure Aortic Insufficiency,”
      by Dr Anas A. Alharbi and colleagues.

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