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The Tree by the Lake by Alejos Lorenzo Vergara

      Alejos Lorenzo Vergara (1975-) from Ferrol, Spain, is a self-taught artist. He studied technical architecture from 1994-2000, and graduated from Escola Universitaria de Arquitectura Técnica (EUAT), in A Couruña, Spain.
      Alejos Lorenzo Vergara.
      Vergara's style has been most clearly influenced by the pop art movement, but also by naive art, or Japanese ukiyo-e.
      Alejos Lorenzo Vergara.
      Pop art relies heavily on bold colors, sharp edges, and cartoon-like characteristics.
      Pop Art.
      A response to post-World War II prosperity, it emerged in the 1950s and attempted to commandeer art from the elite and infuse it into the commonplace.
      The Tree by the Lake, a 39×39-inch acrylic on canvas painting, invokes many of these elements with the whimsical blue and orange trees, anemone-like bushes, and multicolored boulders. The central figure of the large tree harkens to bonsai, but in colossal size. The neutral greys of the background – included in the lake and the sky – frees each individual element of the painting and strengthens the power of the work.
      The Tree by the Lake is located in the hallway access to the Generose Building of Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, Rochester, Minnesota.


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