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Wall Sculpture by Linda Leviton

      Recognizing the contribution art has had in the Mayo Clinic environment since the original Mayo Clinic Building was finished in 1914, Mayo Clinic Proceedings features some of the numerous works of art displayed throughout the buildings and grounds on Mayo Clinic campuses as interpreted by the author.
      In 1976, Linda Leviton received her BFA from the School of Design, Architecture, and Art, at the University of Cincinnati, located in Ohio.
      Linda Leviton Resume.
      About the Artist: About Linda.
      Following graduation, she studied with numerous artists and specialized training centers between 1978 and 1995, focusing on varied techniques such as welding, weaving, woodworking, glass-blowing, drawing, basketry, and finishes. She now works as a graphic designer in Chicago, Illinois,
      About the Artist: About Linda.
      and has an extensive list of national commissions, exhibits, and awards.
      Linda Leviton Resume.
      In her creative process, Leviton likes to collaborate with architects and design staff to create the piece specifically for the intended space. She is best known for her wall sculptures that utilize 4 different formats: quilts, fold-formed, laser cut, and wire-woven.
      About the Artist: About Linda.
      In Mayo Clinic's collection, Leviton's Wall Sculpture is comprised of eight 21x21-inch compositions using stainless steel on wood that are painted and etched. The swooping shapes of some of the blocks provide a strong sense of motion, while the individual patterns reflect nature and creation in minute and grand scales. The designs and colors suggest snowflakes and stars, floating bubbles, blades of grass, landscapes dotted with sunshine, or subliminally, cells visible only under the aid of a microscope. The influence of the particular specialties of study can easily be detected with etching and allusions of weaving or quilting.
      Wall Sculpture is located in the hallway access to the Generose Building of Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, Rochester, Minnesota.


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