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Highlights from the Current Issue – Audiovisual Summary

      Dr Thomas Gerber, Associate Editor for Mayo Clinic Proceedings, discusses the Editor’s Choice and Highlights articles appearing in the July 2016 issue.
      These include:
      “Pharmacokinetic Pharmacogenetic Prescribing Guidelines for Antidepressants: A Template for Psychiatric Precision Medicine,”
      by Dr Malik Nassan and colleagues;
      “Adult-Onset Hypogonadism,”
      by Dr Mohit Khera and colleagues;
      “Fundamental Concepts Regarding Testosterone Deficiency and Treatment: International Expert Consensus Resolutions,”
      Dr Abraham Morgentaler and colleagues; and
      “Relationship Between Clerical Burden and Characteristics of the Electronic Environment With Physician Burnout and Professional Satisfaction,”
      by Dr Tait Shanafelt and colleagues.

      Supplemental Online Material