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Highlights from the Current Issue – Audiovisual Summary

      Dr Thomas Gerber, Associate Editor for Mayo Clinic Proceedings, discusses the articles featured on the cover and website home page of the August 2012 issue. These include:
      “The Princeton III Consensus Recommendations for the Management of Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease,”
      by Dr Ajay Nehra and colleagues;
      “The Potential of Medicare Accountable Care Organizations to Transform the American Health Care Marketplace: Rhetoric and Reality,”
      by Dr David J. Ballard;
      “Accountable Care Organization Pathways: Diverse but Ultimately Parallel,”
      by Dr Len M. Nichols;
      “Ascension Health Partners With Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to Provide Patient-Centered Care Through the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Model,”
      by Dr Raymond D. Anderson and colleagues;
      “A Modified 'Golden Rule' for Health Care Organizations,”
      by Drs Creagh E. Milford and Timothy G. Ferris;
      “Building an Accountable Care Organization for All the Wrong Reasons,”
      by Dr David J. Shulkin;
      “Why Baylor Health Care System Would Like to File for Medicare Shared Savings Accountable Care Organization Designation but Cannot,”
      by Dr Carl E. Couch;
      “A Physician Hospital Organization's Approach to Clinical Integration and Accountable Care,”
      by Dr George Mayzell;
      “The SSM Health Care Approach to Achieving 'True North': Improving Health Care Quality While Reducing Costs,”
      by Mr Robert G. Porter and Ms Amanda P. Tosto;
      “Long-term Medical Management of the Liver Transplant Recipient: What the Primary Care Physician Needs to Know,”
      by Drs. Siddharth Singh and Kymberly D. Watt;
      “Vasculitis Associated With Tumor Necrosis Factor a Inhibitors,”
      by Dr Olayemi Sokumbi and colleagues;
      “Severe Spruelike Enteropathy Associated With Olmesartan,”
      by Dr Alberto Rubio-Tapia and colleagues

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