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Minimally Conscious State vs Persistent Vegetative State: The Case of Terry (Wallis) vs the Case of Terri (Schiavo)

      Miraculous awakening from prolonged coma is in the news again. This time it is the story of Terry Wallis. Newspapers and the blogosphere are covering it extensively, using eye-catching titles: Miracle in Arkansas
      • Brantley M
      Miracle in Arkansas.
      ; Comatose man's brain rewired itself, doctors say. While fibers were severed, nerve cells stayed intact allowing later recovery”
      • Marchione M
      Comatose man's brain rewired itself.
      ; As man lay in coma-like state, his brain was busy rebuilding.”
      • Kaplan K
      As man lay in coma-like state, his brain was busy rebuilding.
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        Miracle in Arkansas.
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        Comatose man's brain rewired itself.
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        As man lay in coma-like state, his brain was busy rebuilding.
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