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Play, Dance, and Imagine by Douglas Olmsted Freeman

        Douglas Olmsted Freeman was born in Minneapolis, MN, in 1952 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College in Decorah, IA, in 1975. From 1975 until 1977, he continued his advanced study of art at the Naguib School of Sculpture in Chicago, IL, where he was the primary assistant to master sculptor Mustafa Naguib
        Currently, Freeman maintains the Doug Freeman Sculpture Studio located in Minneapolis. His preferred subject matter has evolved from creating individual pieces to designing sculptures that include background environments and landscapes. He enjoys sculpting pieces that become integral parts of public parks and neighborhoods.
        Play, Dance, and Imagine, 3 cast bronze figures by Freeman, reveals the free fall of imagination that only childlike innocence can produce. Projecting images of circus clowns, royal court jesters, elegant ballet dancers, marching soldiers, or wand-waving magicians, these 3 children pose in pretense. The suspended animation of the figures promises a future adventure, an onslaught of unbottled energy and joy, a belly laugh inspired by the emergence of children from unconsciousness into self-awareness, and perhaps embarrassment at being observed so intimately at play.
        Play, Dance, and Imagine, a gift of the Robert W. Fleming Family in honor of Janice Fleming (1927-1998), was commissioned to honor her memory. Mrs Fleming was an avid supporter and teacher of dance, theater, and the arts as well as a choreographer and director. Play, Dance, and Imagine is located on the subway level of the Hilton Building.