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Brooklyn Bridge: A Love Song by Donald Glaister

        Donald Glaister, who currently lives on Vashon Island, WA, received his BA degree in painting and sculpture from San Jose State College, San Jose, CA. He furthered his bookbinding specialty with independent study under the tutelage of Barbara Hiller, San Francisco, CA, and Pierre Aufschneider and Roger Arnoult, Paris, France. Training with another bookbinding expert appears to be the universal way to master this trade. Although Glaister's style is influenced by his mentors and based in the classic French form, his processes are unique in that he uses nontraditional and unexpected components in his limited edition books. With use of surprising and innovative materials, Glaister has succeeded in bringing the 2 polarized fields of craft and art together in a magical way in Brooklyn Bridge: A Love Song.
        Brooklyn Bridge: A Love Song is a book that includes 5 abstract representations of the Brooklyn Bridge painted on sanded aluminum pages. The imagery on the metallic pages is indistinct, yet hints at a powerful substance that lends to the authenticity of the figures—you can feel the presence of the bridge in the aluminum. The sheen on the surface of the pages mimics the strength of the steel of the real bridge or is reminiscent of a rising fog from the East River. Only 50 copies of this book were printed and bound, making it even more valuable and rare.
        Brooklyn Bridge: A Love Song, gift of Mrs. Patricia G. England, is located on the 2nd floor of the Gonda Building, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.